Swedish award to "Father of MOUSE"

  Award to "Father of MOUSE"

The Swedish Assocation of Water has awarded their annual IT prize to Sten Lindberg, head of DHI's Urban Software Department.

The prize is founded by VA-FORSK (the research council of the Swedish Water and Wastewater Association). According to the statutes, the prize is awarded to a person or group of persons who - through an idea, practical application or research - has significantly promoted the application of IT within water and wastewater.

The prize committee has justified their selection of the 2001 prize winner as follows:

"Through almost 20 years, Sten Lindberg has been responsible for the development of MOUSE - beyond comparison the internationally most widely used IT tool within urban utilities which has been developed in Scandinavia. The introduction of MOUSE in Denmark and Sweden in 1985 is a milestone within the practical use of models within the urban utilities area. With his background within theoretical pipe hydraulics and sewer networks Sten has successfully promoted the integration of sewer modelling with process modelling of treatment works and receiving waters. Sten possesses the knowledge and dedication which is required in order to bridge the gaps between research and practical application as well as between the individual technical disciplines.

The Swedish Association of Water and VA-FORSK wish to honor Sten Lindberg for his achievements within the international dissemination of Scandinavian water know-how."

Sten Lindberg together with Johan Larsson. These two introduced MOUSE in Sweden from 1985