Shoreline Management Guidelines

  Shoreline Management Guidelines

was published 3 May 2001. The DHI world-wide activities within shoreline management projects have demonstrated a need for a publication accommodating the acquaintance with sound shoreline management.

DHI Water & Environment (DHI) publishes Shoreline Management Guidelines, which is written by Karsten Mangor, Chief Engineer, Coastal Engineering & Environment.

DHI’s world-wide activities have shown that there is a need for a publication which can accommodate acquaintance with sound shoreline management for the broad circle of stakeholders, who utilise the coasts and who participate in management and administration of the coastal zone. This is made topical by the increasing pressure on the coasts, partly from the land- side from development of industry, infrastructure and habitation and requirement to recreational shores and partly from the sea-side through sea level rise and increased storminess etc. It is the Institutes hope that the publication of this book will contribute to the promotion of sustainable solutions and to an environmentally responsible administration of our coasts.

Shoreline Management Guidelines explains in ordinary comprehensible language the terminology and mechanisms in relation to shoreline management and describes shoreline impact of marine projects as well as possible mitigating measures.

Shoreline Management Guidelines applies not only to consulting engineers, but also to planners, landscape architects, authorities and political decision makers, NGO’s, contractors, land owners and other groups, which utilise or are involved in planning, management and preservation of the coasts.

Supplementary information on Shoreline Management Guidelines (200 pages in English) can be obtained by contacting the author on tel. + 45 4516 9170 or e-mail, alternatively to Ida Brøker, tel. +45 4516 9174 or e-mail The publication can be ordered from DHI at a price of DKK 250 plus forwarding expenses by contacting DHI.

Coastal Engineering Department at DHI works with shoreline management and shoreline impact assessment, and related subjects.

Yours sincerely,

DHI Water & Environment

Karsten Mangor
Chief Engineer, Coastal Engineering & Environment