Focus on Taihu Lake in China

  Focus on Taihu Lake in China

The Taihu Lake Basin is surrounded to the North by the Yangtze River, to the East by the East China Sea, to the South by Hangzhou Bay, and to the West by a mountainous area. With a total basin area around 37,000 km2 and a lake surface area of 2,238 km2. The Taihu Lake is ranked the third largest lake in China.

The lake provides freshwater to the cities of Shanghai, Wuxi and Suzhou and extensive fish farming in the wetlands of Taihu Lake has since the 1970’s developed into an important industry.

However, inline with the tremendous economic growth and increased population in the Shanghai area the lake is suffering from environmental stresses. The environmental problems in the lake comprise general eutrophication (nutrient enrichment with nitrogen and phosphorus), oxygen depletion and probably also contamination with xenobiotics (substances dangerous to the environment) originating from increased agricultural, and domestic and industrial pollution sources.

DHI Water & Environment is presently involved in preliminary studies for restoration of the Taihu Lake and several restoration schemes have be assessed using the MIKE 21 software.

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