FEMA Approves MIKE 21

FEMA Approves MIKE 21

FEMA Approves MIKE 21 for NFIP Usage

DHI is proud to announce that US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved three modules of MIKE 21 for National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) usage. The three modules, which are hydrodynamic module (HD/NHD), near-shore spectral wind-wave module (NSW) and offshore spectral wind-wave module (OSW), have been accepted for coastal storm surge, coastal wave height, and coastal wave effect usage. With this recognition DHI Software further strengthens its market position in the US following the FEMA approval last year of the river modeling package MIKE 11.

The approval has been granted after a comprehensive review process, which has included evaluation of the capabilities as well as examination of the quality of the documentation of the package and the track record of MIKE 21 in coastal flooding studies.

A Significant Milestone in the History of MIKE 21

The US has for a long time been a growing market for MIKE 21 and the FEMA approval is the latest significant recognition of MIKE 21 as one of the leading 2D surface water modeling tools. Already now the largest American consultancy companies and several Federal Agencies are using MIKE 21 and the list of applications in the US keeps growing. For further information on

Animation of a storm surge application of MIKE 21 HD at Cape Canaveral, Florida

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