31 dec 2001AIT - DANIDA + DHI Software
31 dec 2001Alpha and DHI Software Exhibition in Kobe, Japan
31 dec 2001Climate Changes & Primary Production in Danish Coastal Waters
31 dec 2001Copenhagen Energy selects MIKE NET as modelling Tool for the Water Distribution Network
31 dec 2001Current Forecast forTransport of Semisubmersible Drilling Rig
31 dec 2001DHI certified as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units
31 dec 2001DHI in India
31 dec 2001DHI responsible for environmental studies in Bahrain-Qatar Causeway Project
31 dec 2001DHI Software Seminars in Japan
31 dec 2001DHI to demonstrate webservices at Oceanology International 2001
31 dec 2001DHI Weather Radar
31 dec 2001FEMA Approves MIKE 21
31 dec 2001Flood Forecasting in Venice
31 dec 2001Focus on Taihu Lake in China
31 dec 2001Habitat modelling
31 dec 2001Horizontal Current Profiling in Lillebælt, Denmark
31 dec 2001Hydroinformatics and the link between Denmark and Sweden
31 dec 2001India goes for DHI MIKE Software
31 dec 2001Meet us at WEFTEC in Atlanta
31 dec 2001MIKE SHE groundwater model selected as best management tool in US
31 dec 2001National Capacity Development of Natural Resources - Cambodia
31 dec 2001New Certified Reference Materials support environmental laboratories
31 dec 2001New DHI Subsidiary in India
31 dec 2001New extensive hydraulic modeling studies in Argentina
31 dec 2001New pigment standard available: Divinyl chlorophyll a
31 dec 2001New Release !
31 dec 2001Offshore Wind Farms in Sweden
31 dec 2001Real Time Support System for the Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project
31 dec 2001Shoreline Management Guidelines
31 dec 2001Swedish award to "Father of MOUSE"
31 dec 2001Turkey Emergency Flood and Earthquake Recovery Project
31 dec 2001Water Forecasting at DHI
31 dec 2001Water Framework Directive - Decision Support Tools