Targeted Coastal Zone Management in Cambodia

  Targeted Coastal Zone Management in Cambodia

DHI is assisting the Ministry of Environment in Cambodia in obtaining sustainable coastal zone management. The study is part of the Natural Resources and Environmental Management Programme that DANIDA (Danish International Development Assistance) has implemented in Cambodia.

The Project includes the following three components: Legal and administrative ICZM framework; Management strategies and plans; Pilot projects on community-based resource management.

The fundamental objective of the project is to improve the welfare of costal zone communities in Cambodia’s by assisting them in finding ways to use coastal resources on a sustainable basis.

The proposed strategy aims at introducing new ways of using coastal resources and improving existing practices so that coastal ecosystems are used more wisely. The basic assumption is that local communities will become more actively involved in coastal resource planning and management on a small scale when they see an improvement in their incomes and social well-being. Instead of working in the entire coastal zone, work is carried out in selected pilot areas where considerable socio-economic and natural resource information is already available, thereby providing better chances of success.

A dedicated project web site, prepared by the local office, will soon be accessible.

Further information on DHI’s services within coastal zone management is available from: . Among the services offered is an Integrated Coastal Zone Management course with the purpose of giving practitioners in ICZM a wider understanding of the tools and procedures available to improve integrated environmental and shoreline management in the coastal zone. The next course is scheduled to run from 3 September to 17 October 2001.