Danish Hydraulic Institute

The history of the former Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI):

  • 1964 The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences established Vandbygningsinstituttet/Danish Institute of Applied Hydraulics as an offspring from the Technical University of Denmark - Danish Technical University
  • 1970 Computational Hydraulics Center (CHC) was established as a department with the task to develop numerical model systems
  • 1971 The name was changed to Dansk Hydraulisk Institut/Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI)
  • 1972 DHI introduced irregular wave generation in its hydraulic model test facilities
  • 1977 Development of the European Hydrological System - later to become MikeSHE - started in co-operation with French and British partners
  • 1983 DHI inaugurated its multidirectional wave facility and started deep water model tests for the offshore industry
  • 1983 First micro-computer based software (MOUSE) was developed
  • 1985 First release of DHI Software for PC. This started the new era of adaptation of DHI numerical models to product versions for sale
  • 1990 The Ecological Modelling Center was established by VKI and the Danish Hydraulic Institute as a joint department
  • 1998 Release of DHI's software product 3D-flows, Mike 3
  • 1993-98 DHI operated the International Center for Computational Hydrodynamics (ICCH) as a basic research unit based on a grant from the Danish Ministry of Research (Grundforskningscentret).